One Of a Kind Jewellery and Opals


This is a beautiful and unique ring which will attract attention anywhere you will be. It is hand crafted with every little detail taken into consideration. Once you will wear it you will fall in love with it and never want to take it off... Piassaba statement Baltic amber ring Size: 9 us Gemstone: Baltic Amber Stone treatment: None Setting: Inlay Materials: Piassaba shell, Sterling silver and Goldfield Some of the amber properties and info: Main chakra: 2nd Elements: Fire and Akasha Astrological sign: Leo and Sagittarius Amber heightens creativity It helps you to accept change, and follow your dreams. Amber is excellent at removing self-imposed obstacles, it also imparts a positive attitude that is fueled by self confidence. It has been used to guard against impotency promote fertility. Many early Amber carvings were of animals associated with conception, frogs, rabbits or fish. Many ancient traditions associate Amber with the universal life force, essentially life has been trapped inside. This gentle stone draws out negative energy from the body and purifies the spirit and heart. Amber also helps us discover ancient wisdom and knowledge. Amber allows the body to heal itself by absorbing and transmuting negative energy into positive energy. It stimulates the intellect and opens the crown Chakra. It also transmutes the energy of physical vitality toward the activation of unconditional love. It aligns the ethereal energies to the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, providing for an even flow of perfect order to the requirements of the Earth plane while balancing the electro-magnetic of the physical body. Helps the body heal itself by absorbing and transmuting negative energy into positive energy. Helps to calm the nerves. Aids in the making of correct choices. Excellent detoxification and protection from radiation, especially x-rays, sun, computers, airport, planes and other energies. Sacred use by American Indians. Manifestation: The "good luck" stone brings the purifying, revitalizing force of the sun and the absorptive, transmuting energy of the earth together to create a powerful tool. Draws disease out of the body and transforms it. Clears negativity. Amber is said to be a very strong healing stone allowing the body to heal itself. It takes negative energy and turns it into positive energy and releases the energy giving a bright and sunny feeling. It helps one in the art of manifestation; helping you realize your desires into reality. Amber has said to bring good luck. Opens solar plexus Chakra for mental clarity, mood balance, confidence. Excellent in use in rituals for enhancing your beauty and attractiveness. Helps to attract love and stimulates happiness and pleasure. Used for both good luck and as protective talismans and amulets. Protect from disease, relieve the pain during childbirth, stop nosebleeds, relieve headache, sore throat, digestive problems or reduce fever. Aids healing in the areas of the stomach, gall bladder, soothes nerves, kidneys, teeth and joint problems. Stomach anxiety, spine, Central Nervous System, brain, memory loss, cell regeneration, Goiter. Throat diseases. Kidney and bladder


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Hand made item

One of a kind item

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Stones: amber

Materials: piassaba

Size: 9 US

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