One Of a Kind Jewellery and Opals


My latest items

Hello and welcome to my little gallery. Here I will show you the visitor some of my creations which I made over 22 years of collecting gemstones from around the world. Gemstones are my passion and here I have the opportunity to show some of the "off bit" jewelry that can be created with love and craftsmanship. You will also find here amber carvings, opals that I cut my self, all natural guarantied. Unique necklaces with antique beads and 18K gold beads, coconut rings with gemstones and much more... all handmade by myself or produced by me. Over more you can buy any item using PayPal directly from the item's page.

If you choose to purchase any of my items please don't just press the buy button, take the time to write me an email through the contact link at the top of the page. I would like to know the people who would give a home to one of my creations.